It's A Spring Thing


Spring Fling & A Ring

As the brides come calling, we get excited for all the beautiful moments that will be captured on film. Working weddings is a total group effort, with vendors all coming together to make magic happen. Here’s some pics from a recent style shoot we did, with a super great team!

Choice Pickings

Spring is one of the best times of the year for flowers, there’s an incredible selection of blooms coming from all over the world. Holland, Japan, Italy, and of course from our very own Golden State. We recently had the talented Morgan Hydinger over for a studio visit to show off some of our favorite floral selections of the season. She got some great behind the scene shots of the studio too! 

We're All Choked up About This Feature

Our friend Nick Rivera, fashion guru and stylist extrodinaire wanted to turn things up a notch for Ladies’ Spring accessories, so he commissioned us to create a living choker. We loved the results and so did the Nasty Gals, so they asked us to chat all about it on the blog. Click below for the full interview. 

Cream Rises

Just as cream poured into coffee will eventually rise to the top, so has our excitement about our participation in this year’s Cream Event. Los Angeles is over flowing with talent and we’re thrilled to be exhibiting among such distinguished colleagues. We hope you can join us Sunday April 24th for a great event and party to follow. Not to be missed!


Superbloom Sunday


Death Valley is currently experiencing a Superbloom, and so are we! Between Valentine’s Day and the advent of Wedding Season, we here at Of the Flowers are awash with color.

Desert Vs. Dessert

The long standing spelling battle between these two powerful forces can be easily settled with this design. Here are two favorite desert themed deserts from past weddings.

Desert Brides in Their Natural Habitat

Emily Freedman dedicated many years to cultivating the art scene in Palm Springs, so when it came time for her and Brianna to get married, the desert was the natural choice. These two had an epic bash planned by the party maverick behind Little Lover Events. 

Calling All Brides!

Did you catch us at the Lovesick Expo a few weeks back? Jessica of Art and Soul Events invited us to Floralize her table for the fair. The look was a colorful fiesta spread that was both feminine and wild. A big thanks to Aurelia D'Amore Photography for taking these beautiful images of the event! 

For Superbloom highlights click below:


How Deep Is Your Love?


This year we’re loving the berry and jewel tone of ranunculus, sweet peas, and black berries from the flower market. We’d love to make you a lush, rich arrangement to celebrate your valentine. We’re starting to take orders this week, and must have them all in by February 12th. Email or call us at the studio (323) 902-7750. Excited to hear from you!

Every Detail Matters

When sending a gift, the most important thing is that it comes from the heart. Another popular gift item are hand tied bouquets, each one is wrapped in paper and filled with delights!

Heart To Heart

Loving gestures go along way, here’s a tip for a fun surprise: snip the heads off of flowers to make a unique design. If you’re scared to hurt flowers, you can always call in us professionals ;)

Flowers For Your Wild Sweet Love

Here are a couple weddings with  very Valentine’s worthy bouquets. One of them received a feature on a Practical Wedding, click the bottom image below if you’d like to check it out. 

Enjoy your Valentine's Day friends!


Our Sweet 2016


Happy sweet 16 everyone! Hope you feel as radiant and joyful as debutante of the year in 1947, the one and only Jackie O. Pictured above is Jackie descending the staircase holding her very own Of The Flowers bouquet. Bouquets have been one of our favorite wedding elements to make this past year, and we were thrilled to be included in 100 Layer Cake’s 2015 top ten bouquet pics! Here’s a link if you’d like to take a peak, we’re the 4th one down. 

A look into our Future...

Our talented graphic designer Sophia Pappas, has been expertly chipping away on our website re-design. We think it captures our spirit perfectly and elegantly. Although there are still a few more photographs to include, the site is pretty much finished.  We’re really proud of it hope you like it too!

Instagram Best

We followed the trend and had our best of 9 calculated, and we’re really happy with the results. Color and texture reigned supreme. You can look forward to more of that in the future as well. 

Spirited Away

Our 2015 Spirit Award goes to Eric and Hyeon for their spirit animal wedding party portrait. Best wishes to the fox and the rabbit!

Party People

With 22 weddings under our belt this past year, we have acquired a lot of new friendships.  We are filled with gratitude to all the amazing photographers who have given us such great content to fill out site , such as this darling photo booth capture by Chaffin Cade Photos. Next we’d like to thank all of the supportive wedding planners who’ve created the perfect environment for our work to be showcased in. Last but not least, the biggest thank you of all goes to all the couples with whom we got to collaborate to make so many memorable weddings. 


Treeson! The Season of Trees


Often people’s favorite season for florals is Springtime, but the distinct textures and comforting scent of pine, makes Winter an exciting time to design. Pictured above are the beautiful branches of Carolina Cedar, Acacia, Hemlock, and Spruce. 

Wreath styles for every door

This season we’re happy to offer a variety of sizes, materials and shapes, for your door decor! If you see something you like here, we’re happy to re-create it for you, or send us a picture of your dream wreath and we’ll bring it to life for you. Below is a custom order for a client, as well as an image of our wreath pop-up at Portola Paints this past week. 

Winter Brides

There’s something very romantic about winter weddings. As we mentioned before, greenery can go a long way in satisfying all the senses. Below are some events we’ve done with late season brides that proved to us that warmth radiates around the occasion no matter what the season. 

Holiday Portraits

We teamed up with Moni and Adri Photography this seasonto create a lush and modern backdrop for her holiday portrait sessions. It was a lot of fun to see her clients all dolled up standing in front of our custom backdrop. We feel this look would translate well for all kinds of events, weddings and parties included. 

Recent Features

Yet again, proof that greens go a long way in creating variety and unique style to any celebration. Below are six bridesmaids, each with their own, all green bouquet. Wedding Chicks recently featured this summer wedding, for more on the event click the icon for the link.


Wreath or Without You


The Holiday seasons are here and as our 2015 wedding season comes to a close, we’re gearing up to flower it up with all you party throwers. Whether it be a friendsgiving dinner, a Thanksgiving dinner with your family, or just thinking ahead to next months Holiday parties, we’d love to help you out with your hosting and table setting needs. For door decor, you can join us on December 5th from 12-4pm at the LA County Store (4333 Sunset Blvd) for our next wreath sale. Pre-orders are always helpful!

Recent & Upcoming Features:

As we mentioned above, our wedding season is finally coming to a close, but the fruit of our labor continues on. We’ll be sharing more on our upcoming features in A Practice Wedding Blog and Wedding Chics! In the meantime, here’s a lush fiesta feature from 100 Layer Cake:

Good news for you party Holiday hosts, Peonies are back in season! Click on the photo for the full post.

Holiday Party Themes

Recently we teamed up with Jessica of Art and Soul Events for an afternoon industry mixer. We got to meet a lot of cool women working in the wedding industry, including Paper Palate who made the delicious Bahn Mi sandwhichs accompanied by a festive Sangria by our friends at Border Grill. Elizabeth Burgi Photography took these awesome pics for us so we can share the fun with all of you. As hoped we made lots of new friends and really  enjoyed watching people have fun creating a small art piece to take home with them. If you think this would be a fun holiday party concept, we’d love to bring the ingredients and lesson over to you!

For more formal dining. We’d like to suggest a beautiful winter garland. Perfect as a table runner, or over a fireplace mantle. Wintery smells and feelings will abound!


Oh-Cultivate Your Palette!


For this not-so-spooky edition of our monthly Of The Flowers blog post, we thought instead to reference the occult magic that occurs at that moment when a women becomes a bride and is handed her bouquet. Below is a grid of some summer brides at that moment of transformation.


If bouquets have auras, then it’s the ribbon. Below are some samples of our ever growing ribbon collection. 


Check out Jen & Kat’s surprise wedding feature on 100 Layer Cake. It’s a treat!


Love the choice of black dresses for Shane’s bridesmaids. Her dreamy bohemian wedding was featured on Green Wedding Shoes this month. It’s our favorite wedding blog, so again a treat!


Shows us popping up in Silver Lake November 15th at the LA County Store. We’ll be selling our fall wreathes, perfect for a hostess gift for a friends-giving, or a gift to take wherever you go. Pre-orders are most welcome and most helpful. 


The September Issue


One career goal came true this summer when we were invited by Studio Roxane Zargham to participate in an editorial shoot for Numero Russia. The photographer, Mario Kroes, and the rest of the style team were a dream to work with.
Art direction & Production: Studio Roxane Zargham
Make up: Jeffery Baum
Hair: Sheridan Ward
Style: Jessie K Cohan
Photography; Mario Kroes
Publication: Numero Russia

In Other Fashion News

We floralized with online Revolve Clothing's online Bridal Shop this summer and really loved the shoot. It’s always a pleasure working with this great team.  

Fall-o Your Heart and Say I Do

As the seasons are changing, we’re thrilled to be introducing more orange into our bridal palettes. This bouquet, for a recent September wedding, is one of our favorites to date!

Fall Features: The Knot

We recently had the the pleasure of working with the photographer Elizabeth Burgi, whose beautiful photos landed us a spot on the Knot’s wedding blog. We love her style and her sweet demeanor, we’re happy to say we’ll be teaming up with her later on this fall.

Hat enough of this Heat?

So have we! But there’s still much to do. In the coming months we’ll be wrapping up our 2015 wedding season and also finally putting the finishing touches on our new and improved Of The Flowers website! We can’t wait to share all the projects we’ve been hard at work on, as well as the new web design by our own Sophia Pappas.


Moonrise Kingdom


A dear high-school friend recently got engaged. She and her finance graciously allowed me to deck them out in Moonrise Kingdom inspired florals one sunny afternoon. We all had a lot of fun and hope this will be the first of more engagement shoots to come!

Burning Love

When the lovely Hayley Byrd told us she was getting married at a camp site, we jumped to inquire if she was in need of a flower fire. Thankfully bride and groom loved the idea, and as you can see in the image below, their love burned strong!

The Love Shack

Our bride Amy got married at the home of her new in-laws this past month. Her father in law, being an architect, offered to build the Chuppah. His team came up with this sweet “love shack”, which suited the bohemian couple well. They opted for vivid red tones, which seems to be a theme with us this summer. No complaints here!

Red, White, and Blue, I Do!

Most years we would have been planning a long weekend get away, or grilling with friends, but this year we were busy prepping for a 4th of July wedding. We’re excited to share one element from the day, this amazing photo back drop created by the newest member of the team: Felisa’s mom! Belinda Funes will hopefully be relocating part time to California and will be whipping up more textile stylings for any of you 2016 brides.


5 Ways to Celebrate your Mom this Mother's Day


# 1 Make her a salad! Styling this picture was a lot of fun, and this salad was delicious to boot! Take some time and present your Mother with something to really make her feel special. 




#2 This year, our theme for mothers is fresh market goods. I love shopping the farmers markets and get to inspired by all the beautiful and delicious produce grown by local farmers. We'll be adding some lovely color, texture and taste to you Mother's Day floral gift, so check out the shop to place your order!


#3 Proud to have Sophia Pappas on our team. Her beautiful letterpressed cards are a great canvas for gushing your thank yous Mom. You can order one from us, or through her Etsy shop Papel De Pappas. Check it out!

#4 As a cat mom myself, I can not even begin to quantify the joys our little rescue kitten has brought us. If you've been searching for a feline companion this is the event for you! We'll be joined by Luxe Paws this Sunday at The LA County Store, home of all things crafted in Los Angeles. Mammal and not. 

#5 Buy her a ticket to the Rose Festival at Descanso Gardens! We will be helping out in the celebrations by hosting a flower crown workshop through the People's Pop Up. Ticket are $35 a piece and it promised to be a fun crafternoon for Mother's and Daughters alike!


Reminiscing on my prairie moment.

It's been far too long since I took a trip specifically to walk out into nature. The last time was in the Spring when Sjoerd and I went to witness the poppy fields blooming. Since moving back from Berlin two years ago now, we realize how little we have explored our new home together. Los Angeles can sometime really wear me down, but Southern California has such  beautiful landscapes and I want to take the time to  enjoy it. More travel posts to come!

Flower Talk Tonight!

Spring is bursting all around us and if that's perked your interest in plants then tonight is a great chance to learn more about the green goodness. Tonight at Pehrspace I will be speaking about designing florals, while several other panelist will speak about their work with plants in Landscape design, art, and music! 

Any conversation about contemporary flower design must of coarse involve reference to Constance Spry!

Any conversation about contemporary flower design must of coarse involve reference to Constance Spry!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here my assistant Schmutzi demonstrates the power of flowers to make both the giver and receiver feel very loved. Happy Valentine's Day!


You can now find my work at OULI in Echo Park!

For the past two months I have been selling flowers out of small shop in Echo Park called Ouli. What initiated as a seasonal pop up is growing into something more permanent yet still experimental. I will be selling arrangements, single stem flowers, and plants over at the shop for the foreseeable future, so I hope you can come by and visit me sometime. Below is an image of  a Winter arrangement I did that i particularly liked. It was really fun working with pines branches for a few months but I also can't wait to get back to Spring greens when the time comes. 

Ouli 1505 1/2 Echo Park Ave.  

Ouli 1505 1/2 Echo Park Ave.


Thanksgiving Desert Table

Southern Gothic is the mood of this desert table arrangement. No real reason to  be forlorn when chocolate and apple pie are so near by. Yet by the end of a Thanksgiving meal that happy/sad/full feeling is just in the air. 

Southern Gothic is the mood of this desert table arrangement. No real reason to  be forlorn when chocolate and apple pie are so near by. Yet by the end of a Thanksgiving meal that happy/sad/full feeling is just in the air. 

Dia De Los Muertos

It's a little late but here is an image of the altar I made for Day of the Dead. The offerings (besides marigolds) are dates, tomatoes and of course a sugar skull!

It's a little late but here is an image of the altar I made for Day of the Dead. The offerings (besides marigolds) are dates, tomatoes and of course a sugar skull!